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Monday 3/20, 2023

1-5 PM PM Leslie Mah - Alla prima portrait painting

In this four hour color study seminar we will be focusing on mixing paint to represent skin tones while viewing live models. Train your eye to see complex skin colors and how light illuminates faces when painting from life. In this seminar we will be using a limited palette: ivory black, venetian red, yellow orche, and lead white to explore the expansive colors for an oil painting portrait.

Learning outcomes: Deepen our understanding of skin tones and what colors they are comprised of. Painting from life using live models develops a painter's eye more sensitive to your environment. Whether this is your first time using oils or you're an experienced painter, I hope to share some skills and passion with you.

1-5 PM : $225

What materials will be needed for the seminar ?

*oil paint (best brands-Michael Harding, Williamsburg): Ivory black, Venetian red, Yellow ochre, Lead white

10 brushes: flat and/or filberts size 3, 4, 5, 6

portable easel

palette palette knife

plastic bag 9"x12"

canvas panel

medium container w/lid

I will provide linseed oil, paper towels and odorless mineral spirits.

bring your phone in airplane mode (for a black mirror)

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7-8 PM Cedre Csillagi - Owning and running your own business

This course will be focused on the ins and outs of owning and running your own business, specifically a tattoo shop, but we'll also talk about the organization of your own tattoo practice. This will include suggested tools, both emotional and physical, to help it be sustainable. Including lists of supplies, boundaries to implement, customer service skills, systems to help with organization, and self care tools.

Learning outcomes: Self-care tools. organizational systems, boundaries

7-8 PM : $50

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Tuesday 3/21, 2023

1:30-3:30 PM Joel Mejia - How To Market Yourself & Increase Clientele

Through the course of this seminar, you will gain the necessary skills to grow your online presence, expand your clientele and further your knowledge on both social and traditional forms of marketing. I will be covering how to market yourself on social media and in traditional forms of media such as print and person to person. I will also cover the various tools and applications that can vastly increase online presence, organization, and growth.

Learning outcomes: The learning outcomes of taking this seminar are: -how to improve marketing overall business strategy -how to market in the traditional sense -how to market online -how to increase clientele -how to organize and plan social media strategies -how to better schedule and organize as a tattooer.

1:30-3:30 PM : $125

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4:30-6 PM WHO - Tattoo hat/ fashion style

The way we present to our clients is really important. Having a fashion style that represents you as an artist can really make a statement. I will talk about my personal experience developing my tattoo artist character/ fashion sense and how it has help me be more confident and free. Using your designing skills and your personal style we will create a hat that represents you and is an extension of your personality. Let’s get creative!!!!!

Learning outcomes: How to modify a hat to create a look. Learning about fashion in the tattoo world. DIY.

4:30-6 PM : $50

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6:30-8:30 PM Toby Linwood - Drawn on and on and on, freehand and gap filling large and small scale tattoos

This seminar will focus on freehand drawing and placing designs (with emphasis on ornamental/neo-tribal) around the body. The ideas and concepts should be able to help with better cover-ups and ways to get your tattoos to flow well when placing designs in and around other tattoos also known as gap fillers. I will go through my full drawing process and give a tattoo demonstration.

Learning outcomes: Step by step freehand process, placement

6:30-8:30 PM : $150

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Wednesday 3/23, 2023

12-1 PM Tann Koga - Inking the Diasporas

Ink the Diaspora is a concept that can be applied into a tattooer’s praxis. Changing the way dark skin is seen in the tattoo community. Being aware of spreading antiBlackness into your professional work as a tattoo artist. ITD is aligned with other cultures to inspire and lead as an example that dark skin people with tattoos are within their “indigenous” practice. ITD reminds us to connect with mind and body while getting a tattoo.

Learning outcomes: Understanding how to be accountable in your tattoo work, challenging your artistic skill, being consistent with your empathy while tattooing, aiding in stopping antiBlackness in the tattoo industry, how to keep a diverse clientele.

12-1 PM : $65

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2-4 PM Haley Adams - The Art of Outer Space

I'm here to show you the beauty of outer space and how to show it in a tattoo or drawing. With these hot tips, coming from my 17 years of experience in tattooing, the way you think of outer space in art, tattoos and design will be forever changed!

Learning outcomes: How to create outer space in tattooing.

2-4 PM : $125

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